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Linda close blue with silverKeynotes, workshops and webinars on a new way of thinking (and executing) for greater business results!

About Linda L. Keefe

Linda Keefe founded Shared Results International in 1995 and SharedMomentum, Inc. in 2013.  These companies focus on businesses growth by creatively, and effectively, re-engaging the workforce.

Grounded in a deep respect for employees’ willingness and need to contribute to the growth of the organization, Ms. Keefe shows how managers can tap into their vast resource of talent. As a result, not only is the organization’s vision achieved more rapidly, managers focus their time where needed most.

Six years in Xerox’ Corporate Audit and Operational Analysis showcased her innate ability to hone in on root causes of poor productivity and her creative insight for highly innovative solutions. Her years as Manager of Communications for the worldwide outsourcing division (Xerox Business Services) resulted in her programs being presented to executives of the other eight divisions as “the model”, “world class” and “benchmark”.

A rise of 34% employee satisfaction in less than a year (in a highly complex, geographically dispersed population), moved “communications” from the bottom (a major “dis-satisfier) to the number two slot as “very satisfied”.

Linda Keefe has developed an extraordinary cloud-based, strategy execution tool called SharedMomentum (MO) taking the globe by storm.

She has…

  • Been published in over 50 trade journals with her articles on overcoming organizational indifference.
  • Worked with a prestigious client list that spans numerous industries in all three sectors (corporate, non-profit, government).
  • Earned an MBA in International Marketing from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Linda Keefe brings practical “how to” solutions for engaging and motivating the workforce to achieve the organization’s vision.


With well-recognized corporations and small businesses, major non-profit institutions and the US federal government, Linda Keefe has supported client success over the past 30 years … in business growth, communications and employee engagement.

Linda Keefe…

  • Holds a B.S. in Education and an MBA in International Marketing
  •  Was cited by Xerox President and Chairman for having world-class programs and requiring all other divisions to follow our model.
  •  Along with her team, was awarded Best Practices Partner by the American Quality and Productivity Center.
  •  Received the Department of Defense Inspector General’s highest review rating of “Outstanding” for transforming an organization on financial probation within an unprecedented three month time frame.
  •  Has been honored with the Clara Barton Award for Excellence for exemplary leadership of the American Red Cross program supporting Joint Armed Forces in Iran.
  •  Is an Author of the award-winning internet success system: “Double Your Income Information Marketing, What the Millionaire Experts Do To Get Started”.
  •  Is a contributing author for the book,“Conscious Entrepreneurs: A Radical New Approach to Purpose, Passion and Profit”.
  •  Is Publisher of, an online, specialized training service to increase productivity and profitability using PCs, Office Suite, and the Internet..
  •  Is the creator of eLIVE, a new onsite training methodology that dramatically engages adult students to achieve greater application of learning on the job.
  •  Is the brains behind the new “SharedMomentum (MO)” strategy execution system (methodology and cloud-based tool), empowering teams for strategy execution.

Best Selling Program Topics

For Executives, Managers, Team Leaders … each topic is modified to be delivered in a webinar, seminar or keynote styel.

creating_strategy“Accelerate Your Success Through Strategy Execution”

How great would it be to increase business growth by engaging, motivating and empowering employees to execute the organization’s strategy? It’s possible and profitable!

~ Recognize symptoms of “vision disease”.
~ Identify the “top ten” unspoken questions that sabotage projects.
~ Get everyone on the same page to rapidly achieve goals of excellence.


strategy execution“Breathing Life Into Your Employees, Your Vision and Your Bottom Line”

Imagine the power of a unified, entrepreneurial spirit with every employee seizing new opportunities! As the economy changes, employers are increasingly faced with employee retention issues, while the employees themselves struggle to stay inspired at work.

Transform your staff from a point of organizational indifference into a unified team, where the company achieves faster growth and higher productivity.

Get people, focused, on-board and moving forward with eagerness…so you’ll realize decreased turnover, increased revenue, and reduced costs.

Additional Topics:

  • Overcoming Organizational Indifference
  • Transforming Organizations Through Employee Engagement
  • Creating A Unified Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Turning Low Performing Employees Into High Achieving Contributors
  • Time Management for Managers and Supervisors
  • Change Management For Managers


“7 Habits of Egalitarian Managers, Employee Engagement”
An Executive Guide 

Excerpt – Introduction and first two chapters.

This book is a quick read, good for your entire team. Select the mini-book for reading on the fly when you’re waiting for an appointment or on a train. Choose the PDF digital copy to view on your tablet or laptop immediately.

  • Mini-book softcover version, $9.95 (plus shipping) – Order Here
  • PDF electronic download version, $9.95 – Order Here

For discounts on volume pricing to get it in the hands of every team member, contact us. 

“Conscious Entrepreneurs, A Radical New Approach to Purpose, Passion and Profit”

See Linda’s Chapter“Driving With the Brakes On, End Procrastination Once and For All”

Discover how to think in new ways to finally get things done and achieve your goals.

Binder and DVDs - large“Double Your Income Information Marketing, What The Millionaire Experts Do To Get Started”

A complete guide to promoting your expertise online. Includes detailed directions, informational audio recordings, checklists, guides and online tutorial videos.

Covers everything from identifying the best market to creating product and selling it online.

See the Table of Contents.


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